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2 Instant & Free Ways Mindfulness Can Grow Your Private Practice

The TAO of Therapy

How to use Mindfulness on Social Media & How to Apply it to Your Business Practices


2 Instant & Free Ways Mindfulness Can Grow Your Private Practice

When we think of how mindfulness is disseminated and proliferated within the mental health / therapeutic community on social media we often think of inspirational quotes posted on Instagram and twitter by influencers like Psychology Today and the hordes of clinicians who mirror this type of marketing.

Here are some examples:


#1 Use Mindfulness Quotes to immediately differentiate yourself and your personal and specific clinical passions and focuses from the rest of the pack

Jungian quotes from people inspired by Jung. Wellness quotes from clinicians who treat eating disorders. This divarication is practical and can help each clinician reach their potential clientele while creating a following around themselves as a practitioner. This is a solid use of the tools that are available to everyone.

Few practitioners go deeper by reading these posts and applying their logic to their business practices instead of simply being personally influenced on a psychosocial level.

#2 Take your own advice and apply it to your business- the business of your private practice

Lets say you post “YOU ARE WORTH IT”. This is a powerful and typical post. But take it to your business:

So when you apply this “YOU ARE WORTH IT” suggestion to your practice you can enact changes to how you approach your own business actions on a day to day - month to month level.. How can you be "..WORTH IT" in business? Maintenance and support of your consistency as a practitioner . Literally things that make your job more doable and sane become the focus of your business. IE:

  • You are worth marketing your practice.
  • You are worth charging more for each copay or session.
  • You are worth a great office.
  • You are worth trimming annoying clients from your schedule.
  • You are worth hiring a medical billing person.
  • You are worth continuing your education and continuously learning.
  • You are worth hiring a supervisor.
  • You are worth paying to be personally mindful to support your inner strengths (yoga, coaching, meditation, gym membership...)
  • You are worth expensing these mindful practices as business expenses.
  • Ad Infinitum

These efforts will IMMEDIATELY affect your business. By changing your actions you will change your habits thus becoming a better clinician and business coach- you will have new found experience.  

Ignorance is not knowing and not doing.

Wisdom is knowing  and doing.

Fools know but do not do.

~ Old Chinese Proverb ~


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