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Top 5 Things Every Therapy Office Should Have

Tao of Therapy


As a Therapist your office speaks to your client about you- what message do you want yours to send?

#1: Multi-year Full-time lease options

For the established clinician, Full-time multi year leases help your practice grow.

Growth depends on stability. Every time a practice moves locations, even within a city, 25-40% of the clients will leave due to increased inconvenience. This is the hidden opportunity cost of a change. A multiple year lease gives the therapist more than relevant business cards but a intimate and safe home for their practice to grow. Referrals and relationships can be increased with keeping to one location.

#2: Flexible Part-time Options

For the mentee and the Therapist new to private practice, Does your office provide easy part-time options?

Having the part-time rental options of Mornings, Evenings, Days & Hourly make establishing a stable block schedule of sessions possible. In most suites volume discounts or block time rentals mean less rent per billable hour so your suite should be one where as you grow you also increase your profits. Being able to shift into new days and times with ease and eventually aim for full-time is the lifeblood of a new private practice.

#3: Premier Interior Design

Do you like your furniture? Do you have a desk?

Spaces that have real art, full sized furniture and beautiful desks make an unspoken impression of professionalism, class and organization. Suites that feature these pieces do not have to be exceptionally expensive- they may just be hard to find. The office itself becomes its own part of the therapy session and your life. It has a tacit utility that becomes more and more important to your practice over time. 

#4 A Warm, Inviting and Intimate Feel

Is your office corporate? How does your office suite make you feel in session?

Therapy suites are ideally unique and designed with soft touches. Corporate rooms and therapy mills miss the Feng Shui of therapy. The features that will separate office suites apart are comfy and solid chairs. Light storage for organization. Nice couches with cool pillows. A throw blanket. Alternate lighting options. Real rugs. Homey and inviting and not to a planned cookie cutter layout. 

#5: Beautiful Waiting Rooms

Does your suite make a great first impression? How would it affect a client when they walk in?

The session begins from the walk up to the building, the doorman's hello, the highspeed elevators and the fast wifi in the waiting room. The experienced clinician puts a priority on cocooning their client in a calm luxurious environment as soon as they come into the suite.  



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