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The 3 Best Ways To Raise Therapy Fees

The Tao of Therapy


# 1 Choose A Great Office Location

The walk to your office matters. The first thing your client will interact with during their session is your office's neighborhood and the ease of their commute. Proximity to colleagues for referral can make a huge difference. Access to high income clients day and night makes your rented office time work for you. The Neighborhood can also impact your mood daily. Are food options close by, does the after work mood suit you? Will you be happy for the life of your lease? If you choose the right location your focus is kept to deepening your work with your clients rather than trying to find them.

# 2 Advertise that you take "Out Of Network Coverage"

The most common pitfall of insurance handling by mental health clinicians is that you do not say you take any form of insurance. In most cases this is not really true and the mere inclusion of this can increase your inquiries 5 fold. Every therapist can take insurance even if they are not on any panels. How? You put that you take "out of network" coverage on your website, social medial and psychology profiles. If you have chosen the right neighborhood access to out of network clients is easy.

A walk from the Subway to our Chelsea office

# 3 Make a Great First Impression on your Client

Your offices waiting room. The building, its lobby, the doorman, the speed of the elevators, the temperature, your Wi-Fi, having something to drink, the smells and sights of your waiting room, the furniture and the lighting play a vital role in how your session will go or not go. They can justify a fee as much as degrees and certificates can. The environment speaks in an unspoken and direct way to your client. The suite and your office shows what you value and what they can expect. If you have chosen the right office deeper sessions and a full schedule is a matter of course.

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