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5 Steps to Launching a Private Therapy Practice


A Practical Guide To The Business Of Therapy Marketing



1.     Find a Great Therapy Office with flexibility for part-time rentals, availability of prime time (weekday evenings) and a great landlord who may have multiple locations.

The essential relationship with your landlord and their ability to manage their suite is the first business relationship you will have in your private practice. You cannot practice without space. The office you choose can have a great impact on your practice.

If budget is a concern then hours on the weekends and mornings can be found at a less expensive rate in better Therapy Suites. Some neighborhoods have less expensive prices than others. In the beginning you may have to chase your individual clients from office to office. Pricing that is flexible to the demand of a session hour can really save you money.

2.     Create a Psychology Today Profile for your office location(s)


This is a crucial step in building a private practice. Besides having an office this step is both easy and difficult. It is easy to put up any PT profile. A mish-mash of resume, location, institutes, clinical work, and what inspired your push to become a therapist. . . That is a good start but does not separate you from your peers even if it does get you a inquiry or two.

The ideal way to build your Psychology Today profile is to think of this as a page that will speak directly to the SPECIFIC CLIENT YOU WANT TO GIVE YOUR TIME TO. IE you have taken into account your office’s location and know what type of patients are looking for therapists around there.. Are they families? Businesspeople looking for coaching? Students? Do these categories of clients fit with your specialties? Further, is your office close to many of the right person who needs your specialty?

You cannot force your potential clients to take their square pegs and put them in your round hole- you have to go with what is easy and available. Office location as much as your skill will determine the success of your PT profile and the business of your private practice.

3.     Create Social Media for your Practice

These will set you apart quicker than a website and will be the basis for a healthy website later on.

  • LinkedIn for your career path- a great referral source
  • Instagram page for inspirational quotes to attract clients
  • Facebook business page for your pictures of your office and posts and reposts about articles and concepts that interest you
  • Yelp Page for your practice to be found locally
  • Twitter for quotes and clients
  • Four Square for your practice to be found locally
  • Google My Business to be found locally
  • Google Plus to be found 
  • Pinterest board with images that inspire you to find clients

Get yourself out there these apps are free marketing.

Use connection/ organization apps to connect your social media posts so that one post can be posted in multiple streams of content.. Facebook Posts to Instagram posts to twitter… and on down the line so you don’t have to do as much work.

Use copy and paste from a document so that you can edit the content in an ideal manner.

4.     Create a Website with a Blog function

Once you get going with social Media a Blog becomes a natural progression for your content. WYSIWYG website makers like WordPress and Squarespace are simple tools to make a really stunning page for your internet marketing presence.

Word Press.png

Your website will be distinguished among SEO if it has ever-changing content and is linked to all your social media and App pages.

It is more than a place for your photo and statement of purpose. It is a living breathing space for your practice online. It can collect and organize all of your content and become an avenue for you to repurpose it to your efficient advantage.

Get an RSS Feed and Syndicate your Blog to Apple and Google News

5.     Remember other therapists, YouTube and Google are your friends!

If you find yourself stuck in any way along the way, do not give up! Ask for help! If you don’t know a colleague who knows about these things do not be afraid to seek help from the internet.

We at are asked about practice building so much it has become a passion of ours and is available as a value added service to our renters and our partners. We all share in mutual success.

A great way to think about the business of therapy is that it can become a set of tools that both sharpen your experience and can pay dividends in your practice.

How does marketing yourself and learning these tools pay?

  1.      You can become a great mentor for other therapists
  2.      You are more easily found so can charge higher fees
  3.      You are more able to find out of network patients by building a following
  4.      You can become an executive coach out of your own experiences
  5.      You can run a more efficient practice
  6.      You can book more hours
  7.      ETC….

The rewards are endless, just take on what you can handle one item at a time.

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