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5 Ways to Kickstart your Practice


How to make your free time work for you


1.     Go to your office when you have no clients scheduled and work on your practice

It is an immensely powerful tool. It focuses your energy on filling your time. However it seems like a complete waste of time. But consider what you can do with that time- Rather than reading for pleasure, Netflixing or Facebooking you are dressed and ready for work in your office. You will find that you will fill your time in more productive ways, here are just 4:

A.    You can start a blog- just type about what work you would be doing if you had work. This seemingly small step can allow you to create content for your website. This new content will drive traffic and help you to market your practice.

B.    You can edit or create your Psychology Today profile or submit your website to Psychology Today. This is a fundamental way to boost your practice.

C.    You can get your practice on Google My Business or Yelp to be found in your area.

D.    You can call your colleagues from other modalities and seek referrals.

2.    Find a Mentor or a Supervising Therapist

Mentorship works. An experienced practitioner who is able to aid you in your growth as a clinician will do wonders for you.

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Even if you have satisfied your mentorship hours and have started your own private practice having a mentor can provide a referral stream and limit the transference that can occur with seeing patients who have deep trauma. This relationship also can keep you able to book more hours without getting burnt out as you have a built in relief system to your practice. Think of it as maintenance- you have to water a seed for it to grow.

3.     Make Business Cards

Again a simple step. Really really simple. A business card is still a great way to introduce yourself to anyone.


It makes reaching you easier and when your website is not ranked, it can provide you with a means of giving your page traffic. Put an appointment reminder on the back of your cards. This way you will have dual purpose to them and can give them to patients as reminders.

4.     Ask for help from your friends

This suggestion has no bounds. If you are creating a website have everyone read it and give feedback. If you are starting a Facebook Page ask everyone to like it. If you are on Yelp or Google My Business or Foursquare have everyone review you.

Help from Friends.png

People who love you wont feel any hesitation to aid your growth. They already believe in you. They will only want you to succeed. This goes for colleagues too. If you practice in an area of town that is very different from a friend they may attract a potential client who they cannot serve in your area. The only answer you get when you don’t ask is no.

5.     Help your friends

If you have free time help other Therapists or Clinicians. If you have a skill in writing help someone who cannot write. If you are great at photography or photo editing lend a hand. These small gestures will create a community that will protect you and serve you.


We live in an impersonal world where people act selfishly. Being a good person still means something beyond karma. It will come back in ways big and small. You cannot think yourself into right action but you can act yourself into right being. This spirit you have will be palpable when you have those prized first sessions with new clients.

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