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5 Ways To Get Therapy Clients Now

Create a Patient Archetype. Now.

Who is your ideal patient? How old are they? Are they an individual or a couple? What traumas would make you excited to help work on on a weekly basis. What were your favorite classes in your post graduate work? What disorders and traumas are relevant to these classes? ETC...

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7 Steps From Graduation To Private Practice

OK, you are ready to think about having your own practice. Research how to launch into Private Practice. Opportunities like volunteer positions, internships and your clinical hours give you insights and experience that are extremely useful to your practice’s launch. In Social Work, don’t be scared away from the difficult jobs because of low pay or bad hours. These jobs are where you learn the most about your city, potential clients and how systems work. They allow you the opportunity to network and to get free advice…

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5 Ways to Kickstart your Practice

1.     Go to work when you have no clients scheduled and work on your practice

It is an immensely powerful tool. It focuses your energy on filling your time. However it seems like a complete waste of time. But consider what you can do with that time- Rather than reading for pleasure, Netflixing or Facebooking you are dressed and ready for work in your office. You will find that you will fill your time in more productive ways, here are just 4:

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2 Instant & Free Ways Mindfulness Can Grow Your Private Practice

When we think of how mindfulness is disseminated and proliferated within the mental health / therapeutic community on social media we often think of inspirational quotes posted on Instagram and twitter by influencers like Psychology Today and the hordes of clinicians who mirror this type of marketing.

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