Serene Offices


Our aim is to connect clinicians to environments that deepen their work and expand their practices. Our vision is to create and market the best value in therapeutic offices- beautiful, intimate and affordable suites.



We are NYC's largest company dedicated to mental office space rentals




To connect mental health clinicians to environments that deepen their work and expand their practices


TO create and market solutions that grow a mental health clinician's private practices

Company Info

Serene Offices is developing Furnished Office Space, to help Mental Health Professionals find and rent a beautiful & affordable office in a suite dedicated to therapy with flexible scheduling and a support system that helps them grow their practice. Serene offices has over 40 rooms in 9 suites in NYC serving 76 plus renters and counting.

mental health office market info

There are over 1.2 M Mental Health Clinicians in the US and +125K in NYC on LinkedIn alone. The number of professionals in the market for offices is growing every year. In a recent study by the Council on Social Work Education the number of Master’s Program Students Enrolled in Social Work Degrees (MSW’s) has increased 31.02% from 2011 to 2016 and the US Department of labor predicts 16% job growth for the next ten years vs only 7% for the broader market.  This market is exploding across the country with hot zones in the North East, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota and California.


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