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The Story of Serene Offices, A Therapy Office Management Company

Founded in 2016 by a Family of Therapists. Serene Offices manages 30 NYC therapy offices. With flexible rentals we provide beautiful furnished therapy offices designed by therapists for therapists.

Our Story




~ Tom K. Vega, Founder


Serene Offices is a family company cooperative

Founded in 2016 by Tom, Kristin and their Son Thomas. Tom is a retired Therapist with over 25 years’ experience with a passion for art and décor. Kristin has had an active Therapy practice for over 25 years and has a keen interest in architectural design. Thomas is a veteran entrepreneur and businessman who enjoys finance and digital marketing. 

We believe An office serves more than can be shown in a pretty picture

With over 50 collective years in Practice and decades of business experience we have learned that a therapist's office needs go beyond visual fit and finish. They should be inherently not corporate but intimate and delightfully warm. Stable yet flexible with room in a schedule to expand. Accessible to both graduates and mentees as well as to the well-established clinician.

As we expand we grow our partnerships

Through partnering with over 10 Therapy Suites we have quintupled in size in our first two years of operation. Through these collaborations we now manage over 50 offices in over 10 locations. We aim to leverage our marketing success to grow these external partnerships further in the coming months.

We own outright or lease for 10 years or more each office we rent

Our offices look the part and are affordable but their strength goes deeper- down to the contracts we have with our landlords. We make lifelong relationships with our landlords. We know what it’s like to have to move and get new business cards. Our model protects you and our stability facilitates your growth and potential no matter your practices’ size. 

Serene Offices Makes affordable offices an expectation not a luxury

Our company's sole aim is to offer you every amenity possible within each space we rent. We are about people. We talk to each therapist we rent to searching for a friendly and vibrant personality that will be sociable to you if you bump into them in the waiting room.  Finally, we are a Family that wants to do the right thing by you and allow you to focus on helping your clients grow. Profits come with providing you an exceptional product for an exceptional price. 

Offices designed by therapists for therapists

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