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Serene Offices rents therapy offices quickly and efficiently. We own and market 10 suites in 7 buildings throughout NYC. We can help you sublet your office. If you have space that is not full or need assistance with marketing we have creative solutions that drive sales to your business.

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We create an individualized marketing plan for your suite

We create an individualized marketing plan for your suite

Your problem:

Free Spaces, No time or expertise

You have a busy therapy practice and you leased more office than you needed or could handle. Marketing your excess space costs you too much time to be really effective but the cost of the unused space hurts your bottom-line.


The solution:


Serene Offices' Web Marketing

Serene Offices markets and fills your empty spaces for you full-time while you work.  We will immediately launch a web marketing campaign that leverages our website's SEO, email list, blog, social media and analytics to quickly improve your cashflow and increase profitability on your office suite.




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Serene Offices benefits

  • We help you with generating the written copy for your location

  • We Photograph and Video your suite and its neighborhood

  • We add your location listing onto

  • We consult with you on pricing for your location

  • We manage your leads for you either

    • Delivering Tours

    • Delivering Contracts

  • We provide a fully managed web marketing campaign for your offices including

    • Email Marketing

    • Social Media

    • Blog posts

  • We boost your rental income and provide you genuine piece of mind